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To whom it concerns,

I would like to express my support for the retention of Tolka Park’s current Z9 zoning. The stadium is located at Richmond Road, Dublin 3.

I support this for the following reasons:

The retention of Z9 zoning is consistent with the following Development Plan policies:

GI46: “To improve on existing sports/recreational facilities in the city and to ensure the availability of and equal access to a range of recreational facilities to the general population of all ages and groups (including women/girls and minority sports) at locations throughout the city, including housing complexes. In areas where a deficiency exists, Dublin City Council will work with the providers of such facilities, including schools, institutions and private operators, to ensure access to the local population.”

GI48: “To maximise the multiple use of sports and recreation facilities by encouraging the co-location of services between sports providers, schools, colleges and other community facilities.”

Existing and approved developments in the immediate area will bring an increased demand for open space and green infrastructure, for a growing population. Therefore, there is a strong need to protect already diminishing Z9 lands in the north-east and the north inner city, in order to serve the burgeoning population.

There is a strong need for playing pitches in urban areas. According to the Dublin City Parks Strategy 2019-2022 (part 2, pg. 63) “The UK Fields in Trust recommend a standard of 1.15 hectares per 1,000 population for playing pitches in urban areas. The total parkland allocated for field sports by Dublin City Council and OPW (grass and all weather) is in the order of 495.73 hectares or 0.1 ha per 1,000 population.”

In addition, football in Ireland now delivers an annual €1.8billion impact to Irish society according to a landmark survey carried out for the FAI by UEFA.

Dublin City and particularly the Northside, and more specifically the North East Inner City, requires more football pitches and facilities to reap these rewards. Along with providing additional facilities, DCC should retain and enhance all existing football facilities in the city. As such, the safeguarding of Tolka Park under its Z9 zoning, needs to be emphasised and reinforced in the written statement of the new Dublin City Development Plan 2022- 2028.

By its nature as a top-level sports stadium, it serves a strategic city level function to facilitate elite sports at senior and youth level. The council’s plan for one football stadium for the Northside was conceived at a time when only one senior Women’s National League side existed on this side of the city. Tolka Park is currently home to the Women’s National League champions – a side with multiple Women’s Senior International football players – and therefore, for the women’s game to continue to grow and help increase participation of girls in football, means the current plans must be revisited and revised.

Therefore, I propose that the new Dublin City Development Plan 2022- 2028, should include in its written statement, specifically in section 10.5.8 Sport, Recreation and Play, that it is the policy of Dublin City Council: ‘to maintain the zoning of Tolka Park (Z9) in its entirety, as a recreational, amenity, community resource and green open space, particularly given its close proximity to the city centre and its location where many other surrounding green spaces have been lost to recent developments and due to the already severe shortage of outdoor sports pitches and training facilities in the North East Inner City area, and to preserve its rich sporting and recreational history on this site.’

Yours sincerely

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