The petition to Save Tolka Park is now available through the MyUplift platform and has already amassed over 4,000 signatures. You can sign it too by following the link below.

Living within the Dublin City Council boundaries? Want to contact your local Councillors about Save Tolka Park? You can use the tool below to do just that!

Living outside the Dublin City Council boundary? Would you like to know who your local TD’s are to contact about Save Tolka Park? You can use the tool below to do just that! Beneath that, there is template message available for you to use also.

Dear X,

As a constituent of yours, I am writing to ask you to oppose the rezoning and sale of Tolka Park to private developers and to support the alternative proposal developed by the Save Tolka Park campaign, available at

Tolka Park is one of Ireland’s most significant sites of sporting culture and history. Since 1924, the stadium has been enmeshed in the cultural life and sporting traditions of Dublin City. As a stadium, Tolka has a proud legacy; hosting the first floodlit football match in the Republic of Ireland in 1953, being the venue for the first televised League of Ireland game in 1997, and becoming the first all-seater stadium in domestic football in 1999.

Tolka Park is, and always has been, an asset to Irish football and to the local community – acting as a home for Drumcondra, Home Farm, Shamrock Rovers, and since 1989, Shelbourne. It has hosted games for men and women, at every level, from local and junior football, right up to the top European competitions.


The case for the retention of Tolka Park revolves around the following three principles:

  1. Public land for public use:The Dublin Agreement 2019-2024 between the ruling council coalition of Social Democrats, Greens, Labour and Fianna Fáil is clear about the sale of public land. We will reject any selling off of publicly owned land to private developers within the city boundaries….” As Tolka Park is currently public land, its sale must be rejected in line with these principles and the ones demonstrated in the rejection of the sale of the Oscar Traynor Road site.
  2. Sustainable development of communities: The Save Tolka Park campaign’s proposal includes a walkway and access to the River Tolka, which could enable permeability in the area through the creation of a pedestrian and cycle crossing. With intensive development going into the area around it, retaining the stadium allows for quality of life to be maintained and a sustainable neighbourhood to take shape.
  3. Sporting and community potential:The Save Tolka Park campaign’s alternative proposal would see community facilities such as a gym, crèche, café, enterprise centre and public toilets become part of a reimagined stadium. The installation of a hybrid pitch would also allow the stadium to be used by football clubs in the local area, which is deprived of playing facilities currently. A single stadium on the Dalymount site may also see women’s football excluded and neglected.

I am asking you to act to protect an irreplaceable part of our sporting history, and to ensure that Tolka Park continues as a backdrop for dreams and memories for years to come. Please contact your party colleagues and urge them to vote in favour of the retention of Tolka Park in public hands, support the refurbishment of this historic stadium and reach out to the Save Tolka Park campaign at to register your support for the campaign. A motion on the topic will be brought before Dublin City Council soon and your decision will strongly determine my vote in future elections.

Yours Sincerely,